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I allways liked well done artistic nudes so at final i [:iconad-shor:] decide to make a News with a little help from :iconlove-knight: and :iconmademoiselleluuna:, i hope u like it so watch, fav, comment... Enjoy! :aww:

Nude couple:

:thumb56284556: Strength and Grace by Mfenberg +++ X +++ by YvonneRedmann
Sera que soy feliz by josemanchado :thumb79508211: :thumb27805787:
:thumb121151600: +++ HaRmOnY +++ by YvonneRedmann 26 by vojkovsky
into you by josemanchado :thumb92461678: :thumb9375208:
package by MichaelPe Subterraneus by lollypoppunk Jess_Mike I by jlorenzo
33 by AmeliaPhotography True Love is Eternal by Bambi-Graves Coffee with Cream by PerryGallagher
hands1 by kubicki :thumb9375284: Feel My Heart Beating by girfire
Tour des Artes by BelaBorroso fall me down . . . 2 by mehmeturgut :thumb120264674:
Kiss u.Tomorrow I'll miss u. by Bunnis IN  MORNING by YuriBonder 07-2065 by aqua1000
POTM 3 by grafikarto lovers by cherrilady Les amants - v. color by Renoux
Passionate Moment I by darkprophecy 35u by stefa-zozokovich Here 1 by Anyra
:thumb105669102: .... by photoheaven
:thumb69008091: too much love will kill us by josemanchado +++ bridge +++ by YvonneRedmann

Nude female:

anna 3 by leicaman ...N... by OlegBreslavtsev Nude on Rock by Ozphotoguy
Tubed by Stridsberg Oo slime oO by Hart-Worx
:thumb127787227: I love music by NoDate 144 by AmeliaPhotography
:thumb114317644: icon01 by The-naked-Pixel Arc by DreamPhotographySyd
no tilte 43 by ABrito that sort of mood by scottchurch Female Canvas I by cosfrog
- flexible girl - by SaschaHuettenhain Nude 3 by opticverve Icarus by ABrito
136 by AmeliaPhotography :thumb51972557: :thumb79329209:
Shelter. by Rebybelly Up by JaimeIbarra Rose by ulorinvex
Busting Out by mjranum Lightning Bolt by Vivenrican :thumb133596545:
oiled No. 2 by Fosterling Naked gymnastics by sifu A votary to fond desire by e-string
Beach stretch by sifu Female Curves III by annikenhannevik Still My Heart With Sadness by hakanphotography
without a tongue by bitterev :thumb95184892: :thumb100899678:
breath - exhalation by bitterev Imitation by onelook Cuban Olga... by MichaelPe
o by draechlein We Moved In Silence 2 by hakanphotography :thumb31664150:
B2 by SandyShort :thumb129399213: Pedestal XVI by mjranum
Lazy afternoon with cognac by Floriandra Wind breathe by doberman4ik :thumb132321089:

Male nude:

:thumb106024415: :thumb61400505: :thumb108318659:
:thumb25473190: Ikarus by vishstudio Mask.01 by alejandrocaspe
Emporio 4ever by vishstudio into the light by Torsal male by Torsal
:thumb105935108: Wet 12 by cable9tuba Temptation by darkprophecy
:thumb59406942: Male Nude by Noko-Photography backbone by vidi
Ad memorandum by vishstudio 001903 by aqua1000 :thumb107755816:
Ex Machina VI by fotoEZO what a man... by lichtmalerin Muscular Lines by jgmodel
White wings by zakharova a little rest by Sartr The Prestige by pandashekki
A man, a guitar 3 by AsIaM Stripped by LeBete what next by CrashandBurnPhoto
dark side 1 by baghali Strong Shoulders by CPJPhoto ClasicallyCliche3 by darkprophecy
ClassicallyCliche by darkprophecy :thumb90107463: :thumb99854950:
:thumb101688333: :thumb94379786: :thumb44819797:
:thumb35366985: homme...I by MoniqueDeCaro jose black by stevelanza
jose wet by stevelanza Fresh... by zakharova Male Nude by lillylew
We'll Make Love Until We Die by vishstudio Male Nude 43 by Lion-Heart-Studio Seated Male Nude 4 by cable9tuba
061021_D11_78a by Robert-James
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ThedAsupporter Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
Woooow this is a true treasure!!! :love:
ad-shor Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah it is! thank you and thanks to all those how made those beautiful deviantions!
i couldn't make it without this main material!
ThedAsupporter Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
You're welcome!!!
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my! this is very beautiful and well done indeed!! :excited: :love:

Oh God! This is amazing!! :wow: these are the best artistic nude pics I've seen so far! :excited: :love:
I love artistic nude, but I don't browse through "artistic nude" section here (or in any other place) because sadly, there are many people who treat human body as something ugly by taking private parts of human body grotesquely as porn stuff :( it's a shame because they make humand body seem ugly...but when I found this news I was so amazed and excited to see such beautiful and artistic pics!!! :excited: :icondaawplz: I just wanted to congratulate you cos your, your feature it's really WONDERFUL!! :iconeeeeeplz: It makes me think I can trust on Artistic nude again! :D Thanks a lot to let me see good art withouth having bad encounters with nasty pics! :hug: It means a lot for me!
I just loved a lot the perspective of these pics, the lightining and the contrast! :love: the effect of lights on his body it's wonderful, and that poses are gorgeous! I specially loved the curvy silouettes on male model's, they are exquisite!
You made a great job! :w00t: :thumbsup: thanks for showing "artist nude" it's still art! :D
ad-shor Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you so much for your kind words i'm glad cause u like what i choose! and i'm totally agree with you about that porn stuff i've been feeling disgusting search between those ugly photos the great ones really...

PS: if u wanna see other themes look in my journals history! :aww:

have a great day!
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome mate!!:aww: and indeed I thank you so much to you for making this! I really appreciate this news article!! :iconloveloveplz: :excited: you have no idea how much! And it's very admirable the fact you dared to search throught the ugly pics to find these gourgeous master pieces!
And of course, I'd be sure to look for your other features on your journal! :D
ad-shor Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
i'm so glad cause you like it. and you've been right, there was a hard job to look over all those nasty pictures that other consider to be ART.
anyway i'll not make some journals soon cause i dont have the membership ticket!

Have a nice day! and u are welcome anytime on my page!
Best wishes, Ad.shoR
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I admire your boldness! :nod: And I appreciate this wonderful work! :aww:
Yeah I know what you mean, that's what happened to me too, I didn't made journal features, until some days ago, when a friend of mine gave me a premium membership as a gift :aww:
But don't worry, you'll always can make news articles like this!:D Have a nice day too!:D
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
i'm glad cause you all like that collection!

:aww: congrag. everyone who was been featured here for great photos!
opticverve Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
Thank you for sharing these images. I'm proud to be part of such a beautiful collection!
baghali Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009   Photographer
thank u.great colection
bitterev Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009   Photographer
amazing ^_^ ♥
Stridsberg Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
Beautiful collection! :wow: It´s an honor to be featured amongst such stunning pics. :) Thank you.
draechlein Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
thank you very much that you have featured my artwork! :-)
fotoEZO Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Professional Filmographer
thank you, it's a great selection. :hug:
Anyra Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
CrashandBurnPhoto Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Professional Photographer
Thank you for making me part of your feature!!! :D
JogiART Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009
It's a great collection. Like it a lot.
lichtmalerin Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
hey :)

thanks so much for the feature.

and wow, its a stunning collection!

have a nice day :sun:

CPJPhoto Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Professional Photographer
In what beautiful company is my work! Thank you... :hug:
mehmeturgut Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
mademoiselleluuna Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
:heart: :love: :heart:
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
that says a lot : :heart: :love: :heart:

and i'm agree with u! :D))
Joshuaseven Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
Thanks very much for including me in your feature! :)
It's a great collection :)
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
you are welcome!

you worth it! :aww:

and...yeah i'm happy cause u like it!
Love-knight Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Student Photographer
Finally finished :dance: :dance: hehehehe.

Firstly, THANK YOU for join my name to your's name in your work. It is mean to me :hug: :hug: :hug:

I LOVE IT:la: :la: :w00t: :w00t:

Good work my friend :clap: :clap:
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah finally finish this take a lot of time and work but i hope it worth and people like it!

thank u for help :hug: :dance:
Love-knight Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Student Photographer
I think it is worth :D :D :D

naaah:-j, it is just silly help front what you did :D :D

You're welcome :dance: :dance:. You know i always here for friend like you :hug: :hug: :hug:
ad-shor Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
a silly help but it mean to mee :aww: :hug:

you'r so kind! :aww: :giggle:
Love-knight Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009  Student Photographer
I hope that :aww: :aww:

merci mult mult :hug: :hug:
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